Why harden the nipples in women: causes

The most sensitive part of a woman's body – mammary glands. Often in this area, there is a sense of discomfort. It is worth deepening the discussion on why harden the nipples.

Obvious reasons

the nipples of women

Specialists in gynaecology highlight some of the reasons why women harden nipples:

  1. Due to long periods of stress. As is well known, in the breast concentrates a large number of nerve endings. If a young mom a lot of time nervous, had lost the milk. The other women begin to harden the nipples.
  2. Changes in hormone levels.
  3. A viral disease. Many representatives of the female sex, with an increase in body temperature can change the mammary glands.
  4. A strong excitation.
  5. The nipples may contract and solidify from any touch touch.

Gynecologists say that the most common cause of such a symptom – the initial phase of pregnancy.

The reaction of the sine excitation

As already mentioned above, there are several reasons why you harden the nipples of the women. Worth a close look at each of them.

Every body reacts differently to a sexual act. The mammary glands can change someone strong, someone easy to implement. And some members of the fairer sex are, and do not remain in the same condition.

Why when excited harden the nipples? This is due to the intense production of endorphins, hormones of joy. If a man sees that the ghosting partners shrunken, the skin has acquired a hard ring, you can be sure that does everything right.

Quotient emotional or disease

Less common is the reason why you harden the nipples, is stress. This change occurs in about three percent of the women. The human body can be sensitive to disturbances, and feelings. This leads to hormonal disorders, and to a change in the menstrual cycle, and change the appearance of the nipple.

Any disease is also a great stress for the body. Many young mothers in breastfeeding, you are weakening the immune system. Increase in body temperature some of them occurs the stasis of the milk, the nipples, the breasts begin to harden, to swell up and blush.

The first sign of pregnancy

Nature has, that the body of a woman is designed to create a new life. As soon as the egg has taken the fruit, he starts preparing to carry a pregnancy the fetus. Many symptoms can inform the future mother of his interesting position faster and experienced professionals and modern diagnostic equipment.

The obvious symptom is the change in appearance of the nipple of the breast. They become darker, they harden and swell. Often in this field there is a feeling of discomfort and slight pain. A woman can appear that her bust has become even a larger size.

That is due? Natural body level to prepare for breast-feeding after birth. Accordingly, it is formed by the extension of the duct of the breast. 70 percent of the women this happens in the first trimester of pregnancy, 25 per cent – the second and the third, the remaining 5 percent do not feel any change in the period of pregnancy.

The impact on the tactile contact, or individual characteristic

Many women are interested, because they harden the nipples even from a light touch. The skin in this area becomes wrinkled and rough. Such a reaction is certain feature of the body. Some of the ladies of a similar symptom appears:

  • Due to fluctuations of temperature. For example, if a woman after the hot bath she plunges into the cold water of a hole; from the house out to the cold outside in light clothing. Any sudden change of temperature leads to these changes.
  • Due to an intense physical exercise. About 2 percent of the women during the sporting activity takes place the muscle spasm. The state of ghosting you will resume only after 10-15 minutes after a workout exhausting.
  • Almost 70 percent of women nipples harden and ache because of hormonal changes in the body. Often, this happens before menstruation or ovulation.

There is a less common feature of the body, when the chest always has a compacted structure with the nipples. Women live with this for the whole life, and this does not prevent.

The wrong choice

Because they often harden nipples and sore? Amazing, but this feature can be associated with allergies. For example, if a representative of the female gender, wearing the clothes of a material of low quality. Some women love to wear a bra one or two sizes less than the original, to render their dignity even more expressive. Because of this, it can also appear from this disease.

There is no reason for experiences


As we have already discovered, there are a number of reasons why women harden the nipples. This phenomenon is absolutely the norm, if:

  • The pain is mild. Has the same font for the whole day. It has not been amplified in the course of time.
  • There is no symptom.
  • The pain is present not more than three days.
  • There is no swelling.
  • No redness.

The absolute norm is so symptom during pregnancy, ovulation, lactation and the first of the menstrual cycle. In all these cases the help of an expert is not necessary. A slight discomfort can be taken off, massage this area in one fluid movement, taking a hot shower.

You need the help of a specialist

Sometimes hardening of the nipples can be primary a symptom of a serious disease. It is necessary to seek the help of a specialist if any of the following symptoms:

  1. In case of discomfort increased steadily. Subsequently, it is expressed in sharp, barely endurable pain.
  2. When you receive more characteristic signs: the increase in temperature, redness, erosion, swelling.
  3. At the same time the pain in other areas of the body.
  4. If there were any discharge from the nipple. The exception is the period of breast-feeding or pregnancy.
  5. In identifying in the breast area of the gasket.

You should be cautious, even if with cure, nipples appear to be the symptoms above. They may be a precursor of a serious illness, to the point of mastitis before cancer. You must do the following:

  • Come to see a therapist, mammologist or gynecologist.
  • Pass a series of tests: urine, feces, blood analysis.
  • Do the ultrasound (ULTRASOUND).
  • Undergo a mammogram.
  • If necessary, it is also prescribed a biopsy to detect cancer cells.

A series of studies will eliminate the risk of developing a serious disease in its early stages.

And that with men?

Question of why they harden the nipples, to a greater extent affects women. This is not saying that men with similar phenomena do not clash. This symptom can be displayed in the following cases:

  • In the case of strong excitation.
  • In a state of intoxication.
  • It often occurs in adolescents during puberty.

A similar sign, as well as in women, it may be a harbinger of a serious illness.


There is a huge amount of as harmless and serious reasons, because they harden the nipples. Listen to your body. Rate the pain. Analyze the its been the subject of more symptoms. All of this will allow you to determine if the symptom rule or it is time to refer you to a specialist.