Erogenous zones of women

The erogenous zones are points on the body, when touched, which occurs in sexual excitement. These points were created by nature. And if the partner is with the knowledge of his case, the body starts preparing for sexual act. The woman's body, these points much more than the male. Many of these points we know practically nothing.

The wrong you touch the erotic areas can cause completely opposite effect to that intended.

The main erogenous zones of women

erogenous zones of women

What are the most erotic spots on a woman's body and as properly on their impact?

There is a perception. that the female body is a solid is an erogenous zone. You can safely say that each man gets to their search. And these places may change as the position and the level of excitability. In their place, and this can affect many factors. This can be the fatigue, the state of the nervous system, mood, etc. Not each partner can identify and properly hold the action to the full erotic arousal.

More on the female body these areas, then it is more sexy. It is already a partner to this sexuality to excite with the aid of the caresses and touches , in that area, where you will find the most sensual. Every girl from the action to the correct partner, you will receive much more strong of fun, a quick and passionate sex.

The most common points — is at the centre of the shoulder, the neck under the hair, a portion of the stomach near the pubis and around the navel, tongue, ear lobes, lips, the forehead, the eyelids, the clitoris, and the pit above the collarbone (clavicle), the vagina, the tits, the ankle, the area of the shoulder blades, buttocks, below the knee, the inside bend of the elbow. All of these erogenous zones are called primary. Some of these sites work in the same complex, someone selectively.

The female body, with the acquisition of experience in sexual relationships, new erogenous zones. These areas are called secondary. These can reside in different places, and the action of the partner to react in a different way. This is already our female body! Is able to orient yourself under a new sexual partner.

Factors that modify the degree of sensitivity of the erogenous zones of a woman.

The erogenous zones are sensitive to external factors. These factors refers to the odors. That affect mental and emotional state of a girl, the scent can create a romantic mood, relax you or excite you, it may also lead to aggression. Some points may be hiding, and that-contrary to buy even more sensitivity to touch and caress. The environment, sounds, clothing — all play a not unimportant role. On the number and the sensibility of the soul, waiting for something, fatigue, alcohol.

As a woman, the erogenous zones of a woman is very unstable.

How to define these points?

At the end of partners have found these points, you must create a condition of relaxation. And then, with the help of kisses and delicate touches, to proceed to the evaluation of the female body. To get the full excitement, the girl must help the partner and suggest which of the erogenous zones at this point more sensitive. These points can be found on a small heel nice, thin legs until the tip of the hair on the beautiful head of his girlfriend.