Instructions for use Forte Love

Instructions for use Strong Love

Forte Love is the latest development of important scholars, that allows you to increase female libido and improve the sexual life. For the convenience of using this tool is available in the form of a simple powder produced in water, tea or other drink (extremely undesirable to dissolve the contents of a jar of coffee or alcoholic beverages).

If the instrument is used to achieve a stimulating effect, it is necessary to dissolve the content of 1 sachet in 200 ml of liquid, mix got a cocktail, while the powder is completely dissolved, and drink of his own. To do this you need to for 20-30 minutes before intimate contact. For the resolution of the manifestations of the menopause, and to ensure sexual desire in menopause, you need to take 1 package pathogen Forte Love every day for 15-20 days.

Usage characteristics Forte Love

Despite the fact that all of the ingredients on the basis of which was developed the drug Forte Loveare natural and safe for the female body, not all of the fairer sex can use this tool. Among the most significant contra-indications are the following situations:

  • the period of gestation;
  • the breastfeeding of the child;
  • heavy the degree of hypertension;
  • the period of treatment and rehabilitation after heart attacks;
  • the circulation of the blood and acute;
  • the presence of a clear, atherosclerosis and other serious disorders of the circulation of the blood;
  • idiosyncrasy to any of its components.